Lucy Guerin Inc

Lucy Guerin Inc is an Australian dance company established in Melbourne, Australia in 2002 to create and tour new dance works. Renowned for the skill and originality of its performers and collaborators, it is dedicated to challenging and extending the art of contemporary dance.

Lucy Guerin Inc’s works are generated through an experimental approach to creative process and may involve voice, video, sound, text and industrial design as well as Guerin’s lucid physical structures. Crucially, this is always a choreographic exploration, striving for visual, emotional and physical revelations that could not be generated or communicated in any other artform than dance.

Lucy Guerin Inc has been a major influence on the growing identity of Australian dance and strives to deepen its practice through workshops, commissions, mentoring and residencies at its studio in West Melbourne.

Lucy Guerin was born in Adelaide, Australia and trained at the Centre for the Performing Arts before joining the companies of Russell Dumas (Dance Exchange) and Nanette Hassall (Danceworks). She moved to New York in 1989 for seven years, where she danced with Tere O'Connor Dance, the Bebe Miller Company and Sara Rudner. She has been commissioned by many companies at home and abroad, including Chunky Move, Mikhail Baryshnikov's White Oak Project and Lyon Opera Ballet.



Conversation Piece brings together three actors and three dancers in a unique encounter between two performing art forms.

The performers engage in an eight minute conversation at the beginning of the show, which is completely spontaneous and unplanned from one night to the next. Recorded and repeated, this initial conversation becomes the script for the work that follows, using the ever-present iPhone to generate live music, songs, dance steps and text. The words remain the same but their intention shifts from frivolous, to hilarious, to boring, to cruel; tuning into the complexities and hidden subtexts of everyday chit-chat.

A Lucy Guerin Inc and Belvoir co-production, which premiered at Belvoir Street Theatre in 2012,Conversation Piece explores the humorous and engaging nature of human interactions, but also the disturbing undercurrents that can isolate and disorientate the individual within a group.

Choreographer/Director: Lucy Guerin
Performers in the Premiere Production: Alison Bell, Megan Holloway,
Alisdair Macindoe, Rennie McDougall, Harriet Ritchie, Matthew Whittet
Set/Costume Designer:Robert Cousins
Lighting Designer:Damien Cooper
Sound Designer/Composer:Robin Fox
Production Manager:Chris Mercer

Conversation Pieceis available for touring presentation from mid 2013 and beyond.


Premiere 17th October, 2012
at Malthouse Theatre
Melbourne Festival, Australia

Weather is a new work by Lucy Guerin Inc. that looks at our complex relationship with the elemental forces of the environment. Guerin embarks on an intense choreographic exploration of the forms and affects of weather phenomena, the uncontrollable power of nature and the affects of the by-products of human living. Integrating physical sensation and textural sound with a shifting sculptural design, this arresting work manifests the fragility and brutality inherent in our conflicted relationship with the earth. The visceral sensations of the elements and the dynamic patterns of weather systems create an immersive experience that celebrates the physical body’s connection to the natural world.

Choreographer/Director: Lucy Guerin
Performers in Premiere Production: Harriet Ritchie, Alisdair Macindoe, Lee Serle, Talitha Maslin, Lilian Steiner, Kirstie McCracken
Lighting Designer: Benjamin Cisterne
Set Designer: Robert Cousins  
Sound Designer: Oren Ambachi
Costume Designer: Shio Otani  
Production Manager: Richard Dinnen  
Executive Producer: Michaela Coventry

Co-Commissioners: Lucy Guerin Inc, Melbourne Festival, Brisbane Festival and Place des Arts.  Supported By the Australia Council for the Arts, Arts Victoria, Besen Family Foundation, The Ian Potter Foundation & Malthouse Theatre


Premiere 11th March 2009
at Arts House, Meat Market
Dance Massive, Australia

So you think you can dance?
Untrained is a quirky and irreverent theatrical exploration that takes its performers and its audience into a whole new undefined experience.

Four men take to the stage inUntrained. Two are highly skilled, experienced dancers and two have no movement training at all. The complex, refined movements that one man executes with ease can only be approximated by another. All are given the same instructions, but how they execute them reveals a portrait of each man’s character. The evolution of these actions invites an unavoidable and sometimes humorous comparison between them, and examines how their physical histories set them apart.

Untrained is currently available for touring presentation, and has minimal technical requirements (can be loaded in and performed that day). The production can be presented in a variety of spaces, and can be adapted to local 'untrained' performers.

"you have to work hard to resist the unexpected charm of this show"
Alison Croggon – Theatre Notes March 2009

“I left wanting to sit down and see it all again. It’s wonderful inimitable stuff… a fascinating combination of dance, theatre, improvisation and multimedia all presented with just the right amount of quirk and irreverence”
Simonne Michelle Wells Australian Stage March 2009

Concept/ Direction: Lucy Guerin,
Performers in Premiere Production: Ross Coulter, Antony Hamilton,
Simon Obarzanek, Byron Perry

Music: Duplo Remote
Producer: Michaela Coventry

Duration 60 minutes

Untrained and Lucy Guerin Inc are supported by Arts Victoria, the Australia Council for the Arts, the Australia International Cultural Council, an initiative of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Arts House, City of Melbourne, and the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust. Untrained was developed in the CultureLAB.

Image by the original Untrained artists

photo by:
Image by the original Untrained artists

Jeff Bushby

photo by:
Jeff Bushby

Jeff Bushby

photo by:
Jeff Bushby
Structure and Sadness

Jeff Bushby

photo by:
Jeff Bushby
Structure and Sadness