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Stephen Petronio Company

Stephen Petronio Company's 30th Anniversary Season

Stephen Petronio Company celebrates its 30th anniversary with an incredible weeklong season at The Joyce Theater, New York City.  The program features three works that advance Stephen Petronio’s ongoing choreographic explorations with new music. These include the world premiere of Locomotor, with an original score by hip-hop experimentalist Michael Volpe (aka Clams Casino), Stripped, a new solo, performed by Petronio, set to Philip Glass’s Étude no. 5 for piano, and the luxurious Strange Attractors (Part I) from 1999, with an original score by Michael Nyman.

The centerpiece of the season is the premiere of Locomotor. Locomotor addresses the elemental act of bodies traveling—extreme locomotive states that cast the dancers in a careening mix of action forward and backward through time and space. In this work, Petronio’s interests in gender and form, visible throughout the Company’s history, collide with a starkly immediate present. Locomotor features an original score by electronic hip-hop innovator Clams Casino, whose genre-defying output has been attracting attention and accolades since he started making music in 2006. Heightening the collaboration’s resonance, Petronio and Volpe are cousins in a close extended family. “Michael and I have a longstanding and intuitive understanding of each other’s art,” says Petronio. “With Locomotor, we are searching for parallel textures in raw sonic and physical states that push each other into new territory.”

The second premiere, Stripped, performed by Petronio, pairs his raw, visceral movement language with Glass’s moody rumination Étude no. 5. Glass’s études are striking musical studies and Petronio aims to unfurl his instinctive choreographic mind through the musical gem offered by his renowned colleague.

Completing the program is a revival of the Company’s acclaimed Strange Attractors (Part I). Inspired by chaos theory, Strange Attractors employs an energetically extended physicality within shifting, mercurial terrains. Nyman creates a lush canvas for Petronio’s riot of hard-edged and formal romanticism.

Click here for the reviews from the Wall Street Journal and the Ephemeralist.
Shen Wei Dance Arts

Shen Wei Dance Arts Presents Season at Judson Church

Shen Wei Dance Arts presents the New York Season at the Judson Memorial Church from April 29th to May 4th, 2014, featuring world premiere of solo for Shen Wei and the revival of Map with striking, new scenic design.

When Shen Wei decided to present a season at the Judson Memorial Church, April 29-May 4, he faced a problem. This famed lover of the grand scale would not be able to hang his set for Map performances, well, not if he wanted his audience seated on all four sides. However, Shen Wei Dance Arts’ season, which also features the world premiere of a solo for the choreographer, shows that when there’s a will, Shen Wei finds a way.

The solution: Hand-paint Map’s gigantically gorgeous set onto balloons of differing shapes (triangles, cubes, spheres) and sizes (some as large as 12 feet). Suspended above the dancers, the balloons form a floating jigsaw puzzle, transforming the air into an aerial installation with its own positive and negative space.

Premiered in 2005, Map reveals another surprising side to Shen Wei’s often-contemplative imagination. Vigorous and witty, the dance is set to Steve Reich’s The Desert Music. The dance’s themes of rotation, bouncing and circularity are explored and re-explored through rapidly changing rhythms and spatial designs. The spinning, circling, and swirling kinetic joy of the performers is palpable.

The fusion of east (the meditative quality of the dancers’ inner focus) and west (the energetic originality of his choreography) is also in Shen Wei’s paintings, which combine the gentle lyricism of the eastern landscape with the energy of western abstract expressionism. The solo is inspired both by the new explorations he is making in his paintings and the results of his ten-year quest to create a personal dance technique. He used his own body for research. The music for the 10-minute solo is by John Adams and Avro Part.

The Judson Memorial Church is located at 55 Washington Square South, New York City. Performance days run from April 29th to May 4th, 2014. Click here for detailed performance schedule.
Stephen Petronio Company

Petronio Resurrects for River to River

Following a successful New York season, Stephen Petronio re-stages Like Lazarus Did for the River to River festival at St. Paul's Chapel on June 29th, 7:30 pm. St. Paul's Chapel is Manhattan's oldest surviving church, making this dance performance a must-see due to its unique venue. In collaboration with famous visual artist and composer Janine Antoni, composer Son Lux captivates audiences with an original electro-acoustic score to create a simultaneously spiritual, thrilling, and haunting ambiance.

In Like Lazarus Did, Petronio's chorographical inspirations root from spiritual mythology and medieval imagery. As evidence of his creative craftsmanship, the content of the dance piece arises from early American slave songs, illustrating a insightful story about resurrection. Like Lazarus Did provides a memorable performance. The dancers' theatrical and powerful movements, complemented with moments of complete stillness, is engaging. The choreography captures each dancer's mental determination as physical risk-takers, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats.

 ...though the subject is somber, the choreography isn’t. The dancers are astonishing, their movement so deceptively simple and flowing that you want to try it yourself. Yet it’s precisely controlled and requires the pure, long lines of a ballet dancer.


LeeSaar The Company

LeeSaar premieres grass and jackals @ ADF

Leesaar The Company premieres grass and jackals at the American Dance Festival from June 30th to July 1st, 2013. The piece transports the visions of Israel onto stage. To Saar and Lee, it was a difficult task to be emotionally detached while assembling the choreography. But their goal was achieved - to bring Israel's images into the dancers' minds for an accurate display of a true military atmosphere. The piece strives to expose imageries of life in Israel through the dancers' interpretations and imaginations of the choreographers' confounding anecdotes. grass and jackals incorporates lighting by renowned artist Bambi (Yona Bueno) and costumes by Naomi Luppescu.

we saw mountains and mountains, and after that...a desert that never seemed to reach an end - said Sher, in describing the backdrop that the dancers indulged in. The piece took place in a pool of elusive memories, in a landscape that is remembered but buried too deeply to revive. The piece is not simply a show-and-tell of Lee Sher and Saar Harari's collective experiences, but it is gist of humanity, embedded deeply in each dancer. Perhaps their most emotionally arousing piece yet, grass and jackals is a piece that will tell the story of powerful womanhood, rich with shame and pride, fantasy, day dreaming and illusion, grief and pain, stamina, sensuality and hope.

The performance will take place at Reynolds Industries Theater, Duke University, on Sunday, June 30, Monday, July 1st, and Tuesday, July 2, 8 pm.
Lee Sher and Saar Harari are the creators of this culturally diverse dance group, composed of dancers from all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Israel, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Korea.

LeeSaar's dances always require unwavering attention, they are powerful...fascinating excursions into territory whose physical and emotional atmospheres are a coolly seething whole.
  The presentation of grass and jackals was made possible by the New England Foundation for the Arts' National Dance Project, with lead funding from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and additional funding from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.  
Shen Wei Dance Arts

Audi Honors Shen Wei, Collective Measures Premieres

Shen Wei received the Audi Arts and Design Award in Beijing on May of 2013, which awards the most cutting-edge, innovative artist in the international arena. This summer, Shen Wei Dance Arts will be premiering their newest, most stimulating and explorative piece, the Collective Measures, for the 80th anniversary of the American Dance Festival. The performances will commence on Thursday, June 13 at 7 pm and Friday, June 14, at 8 pm at the Durham Performing Arts Center.

Shen Wei captivates the attention of audiences with Collective Measures, which presents the themes of stability, primal versus logical, and transcendentalism through movements of structured isolation and configuration.
The program will include Shen Wei's distinguished work, Near the Terrace (2000), the catalyst piece to Shen Wei's successful international launch and recognition. Inspired by Paul Delvaux (a Belgian painter), Near the Terrace engages with the contrast between its imagery of slow, masterful movements, and the intense music by Arvo Pärt.

if there is something to write home about in the dance world, it is the startlingly imaginative work of the Chinese-born choreographer Shen Wei.

The presentation of the Collective Measures was made possible by the New England Foundation for the Arts' National Dance Project, with lead funding from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and additional funding from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
H-Art Management

See You at the 2013 Performing Arts Presenters Showcase

Four of the H-Art Artists will perform during the 2013 Arts Presenters Conference in New York which has been titled IMAGING.  To make a reservation, please email us at reservations@h-artmanagement.com or call 212.868.2134. During the conference, please come by booth# 102 in the EXPO Hall, we look forward to seeing you in New York soon!

Alison Chase Performance- Handsomest Drowned Man. Photo by Sean Kernan

Alison Chase Performance
presents excerpts from a new work-in-progress with live music performed by composer/ violinist Rob Flax. In addition, excerpts from Chase's new work the Handsomest Drowned Man will be shown, a visual meditation that blends live dance, projected film and photography in a hypnotic retelling of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's short story of the same title. Chase's Tsu-Ku-Tsu, a classic work of intense, physical and complex partnering will round out the showing.

Friday, January 11, 7 PM
City Center, Studio 4
130 W 56th Street (between 6th & 7th Avenues)
50 minutes
Subway: N/Q/R to 57th St / 7th Ave, F to 57th St / 6th Ave, D/E to 7th Ave / 53rd St 

David Dorfman Dance- Come, and Back Again. Photo by Adam Campos

Dorfman’s newest work-in-process, Come, and Back Again (C,aBA), is an evening length elegiac exploration of the virtuosity of daily living, its mess, mortality, and hope. Driven by the charged poetry and unapologetic, raw ferocity of the underground Atlanta band Smoke, five dancers and five musicians embark on a kinetic anthem of reckless personal abandon taking on time, and how memory influences and manages our slippery, elastic existence. To create C,aBA, Dorfman is currently collaborating with composer/musical director Samuel Crawford to create a score using Smoke’s and original music, and street/installation artist “Swoon” (Caledonia Curry) to add a visual soul to the evening.

Saturday, January 12, 
3 PM
City Center, Studio 4
130 W 56th Street (between 6th & 7th Avenues)
45 minutes
Subway: N/Q/R to 57th St / 7th Ave, F to 57th St / 6th Ave, D/E to 7th Ave / 53rd St 

LeeSaar The Company- grass and jackals.  Photo by Chris Duggan

Described by The New York Times as never less than remarkable to watch, LeeSaar The Company presents their newest work grass and jackals - A collaboration between choreographers Lee Sher, Saar Harari, and lighting artist Bueno Avi-Yona (Bambi). The piece moves from one climax to the next - silent, violent, intimate, wild, exposed, lonely - and showcases extraordinary abilities. Through four years of questioning and researching the use of the extreme as a tool, grass and jackals is a dance piece and a light spectacle that constantly pushes the physical and emotional boundaries of both the performers and the viewers. 

Saturday, January 12, 
4 PM 
City Center, Studio 4
130 W 56th Street (between 6th & 7th Avenues)
50 minutes
Subway: N/Q/R to 57th St / 7th Ave, F to 57th St / 6th Ave, D/E to 7th Ave / 53rd St 

Stephen Petronio Company- UNDERLAND. Photo by Sarah Silver

Stephen Petronio Company performs excerpts from Like Lazarus Did(LLD), UNDERLAND and The Architecture of Loss. Inspired by the mythology of resurrection, models of transformation and rebirth, and how one entity falls off to give way to the next, Like Lazarus Did is conceived and directed by Stephen Petronio, with an original score by composer Ryan Lott (Son Lux).
A vividly surging work, inspired by the dark, bitter-sweet songs of Australian balladeer Nick Cave, UNDERLAND unravels as a powerfully fractured, enigmatic world filled with hope and despair. The Architecture of Loss, about the physical manifestations of “losing” and all that implies, reaches for the immediacy and unpredictability of “disappearing” through constantly morphing, visceral structures. With original music by groundbreaking, Icelandic composer Valgeir Sigurðsson.

Tuesday, January 8, 7:30 PM &
Sunday, January 13, 2 PM
Joyce Theater
175 Eighth Avenue (at the corner of 19th Street)
40 minutes
Subway: A/C/E to 14th St, L to Eighth Ave, 1 to 18th St (7th Ave.)

As part of the Dance/USA Agents Council, we would love to invite you to FOCUS DANCE, taking place all over the city from January 8-14.  Access to DANCE MEET Studio 5 will be monitored, so it would be great if you could register.  For more information please click here, see you soon in New York!
Lucy Guerin Inc

US Premiere of Lucy Guerin's Untrained

Lucy Guerin Inc. will bring Untrained to Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) in November, followed by the Mondavi Center at UC Davis in December. The event is featured in The New Yorker.

So you think you can dance?
Untrained is a quirky and irreverent theatrical exploration that takes its performers and its audience into a whole new undefined experience.

Four men take to the stage. Two of these men are highly skilled, experienced dancers and two are acclaimed visual artists with no movement training whatsoever. The complex, refined movements that one man can do with ease, another can only approximate.

Performers: Michael Dunbar, Alisdair Macindoe, Ross McCormack and Jake Shackleton

Nov 27—Dec 1, 2012

Dates: Dec 6 - 8, 2012
Stephen Petronio Company

Stephen Petronio Receives Grant to Develop New Work

Congratulations to Stephen Petronio for receiving the New England Foundation for the Arts National Dance Project grant. The grant goes to support the development of Like Lazarus Did during the 2012-2013 season. The grant also provides touring support for the 2013-2014 season. According to Petronio, Like Lazarus Did is inspired by the mythology of resurrection, the act of bringing back to life from a state of death. The piece is to be created as an ongoing and shifting performance that will take place throughout the year and evolve in a variety of adaptations that cater to the spaces in which it is shown. The work features an original score by composer Ryan Lott.

NEFA’s National Dance Project (NDP) was launched in 1996 to encourage the creation of new work in dance that would be shared with audiences in communities throughout the United States. Since then, the program has distributed more than $21.2 million in grants and has become one of the few sources for dance funding in the country. Through grantmaking and other activity, the program supports dance in ways that enhance partnerships between artists and presenters with the equally important goals of engaging and expanding audiences for dance.